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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Avarthanam malayalam movie

Avarthanam is a Malayalam short movie Written and Directed by Rejin s Babu. This movie is produced by Eugien jos Chirammel under the banner of THE ROOT

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Olanjali kuruvi Translation

Olanjali kuruvi
Ilam kaatil aadi varum nee
Kootu koodi kinungi
Mizhi peeli melle thazhuki

Naruchiri naalumani
Poovupol virinjuvo
Cheru mashi thandu neetti
vannaduthu ninnuvo
mani mathuram nunayum
kanavin mazhayiloo..
Nanayum njan aadhyamaay
Oh Tree pie please come swinging(dancing)in the breeze,
Whimpering(pule)in company ( among friends) and caressing beautiful feathers (preening)
Has the good smile blossomed as a four o' clock flower
Have you come near with a small  ”pepper elder” (stem)
In the rain of memories that relish good sweet
I will drench myself for the first time

Ee pulariyil
Karukakal thaliridum vazhikalil
Nee nin mizhikalil
Ilaveyil thiriyumaay varikayoo..
janal azhi vazhi pakarum
Nanu nane oru madhuram
Oru kudayude thanalil anayum neram
Pozhiyum mazhayil

In this morning, in the paths where karuka(Cynodon Dactylon)  produces fresh tender leaves
You,are you coming with brightness (wick) of morning/evening sunlight   In your eyes  
The slender/small sweet shared through the window grills
When we reach the shade of an umbrella , when rain  showers

Vaa… chirakumaay
Cheruveyil kilikalaay alayuvaan
Poom then mozhikalaal
Kurumani kuyilupol kurukuvaan
Kalichiriyude viralaal
Thodu kuriyidum azhakaay
Cheru kolussinte kilu kilukkathil thaalam
Manassil nirayum

Come with wings, to wander as small paddy field birds
With nectar words, to chirp (to make coo sound ) as small beautiful cuckoo
With playful (game and laughter) fingers (you’ll )  put beautifully a caste mark on forehead
The rhythm of  jinglings of small anklet will fill the mind

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Shadow of Doubt, Rebecca

Last week I watched these two Alfred Hitchcock movies. They are so gripping that we won't be able to move out of the chair without watching the whole movie. Each and every scene is shot with perfection.
Shadow of Doubt (1943)is about a teenager whose uncle comes from abroad and something is mysterious about him.
Rebecca(1940) is about a poor new bride coming to her husbands castle.
Both are really good movies.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Vaathil Charumo August Club Malayalam Movie Song Lyrics

Vaathil chaarumo thennale melle nee 
Will you please close the door, slowly Oh wind 

vaariththookumo niraye nin parimalam
Will you shower your fragrance (here) 

pranayamam poonthen thulli
will you give (pour ) nectar which is love

Nukarumo hridayamam venal thumbi
will it be enjoyed by dragonfly which is heart

Aadyambu veezhum puthu mannay maari njan
I became the new soil where first water( drop of rain ) falls

aazhangal thedum kanal meenupol maarumo
Will I be turned to a fish of ember that searches for  depths 

Puthu mani choodi karukakalaadi ethorormmayil
Wearing new pearl, grasses (a kind of grass) danced in which memory

kadalalal thedi aruvikaladi ethoraasayil
Searching for sea waves, small streams danced in which desire

Ee vikaram nin cherathil thudu naalamakumo
Will this emotion become throbbing flame in your earthen lamp

Eee paragam padarnnen chirakake moodumo
Will this pollen spread ,covering my wings

pothiyoo muruke surabhi yamame
cover(me) , tightly, oh beautiful time (period/ midnight)

Makara nilavumilakalumaayi keliyadave
When the moonshine of the month of Makara( January- February) playing games with leaves

Kulirani raavin alasa vilaasa vehsamoornnu poy
Cold nights lazy-play-dress (decoration/appearance) slipped away

Nee veraathe oru kinaavum viriyilla kankalil
With out you coming, no dreams will be blossomed in eyes

Nee thodaanay ithalanangum malaraayi maari njan
For you to touch, I became a flower moving its petal

Rajanee nadiyil ozhukaananayoo
Come, to flow, in the river of night